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Angus Young signture SG


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Hows it hangin' fellas?

I own a Epiphone G-310 SG and need to upgrade

I've been thinking and can't decide between an Angus Young signature, SG standard or 61' RI. I play mostly rock and classic rock and I'm a huge AC/DC fan, thats why the Angus SG appealed to me the most.

What do you guys think?

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Hey, I'm an AC/DC fan as well, and that is why I own a SG.

It's a standard, though. As you probably know Angus plays

many different SGs. I'm not sure if he uses the AY model himself

but I've never seen him with it. I would go for a Std or a 61 RI.

They have different necks. 61 RI has thinner neck, I think.

I prefer Std because the slightly thicker neck and the smaller head stock.

With Std, you have to take off the entire pickguard and the saddle to

change the pickups. With 61 RI, it's a bit simpler.

Just make sure that you find one with the bridge is set low.

There are many SGs out there that have the saddle and tailpiece

set way too high.

Good luck shopping!

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T50 you can adjust the stop bar and bridge/saddle height on any guitar.


Now to SGrocker.....


Gibson is particularly easier (IMO) to setup then any other guitar. You should find the one with the neck and TONE don't forget the tone that fits you the best. A stock Gibson is typically more valuable than a modified Gibson.

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T50 you can adjust the stop bar and bridge/saddle height on any guitar.

I know :) But many SGs (especially Std.) and some LPs out there have the neck angle set too steep that

you can not lower the saddle enough without the string buzz. How low is "low-enough"? Well,

I'm not sure if this is just a personal taste or QC issue. But I prefer that the saddle is low enough to

allow the tail piece to be screwed all the way down to the body and still the strings don't touch the rear

edge of the saddle.


I assume this is a QC issue because my LPs don't have this issue. Also, a few higher end SGs I've seen

in person didn't have this issue either. It just bothers me to know that the tailpiece is hanging onto a

fewer threads of the screws while being pulled by the strings. My SG Std has this issue, and I dealt with

it by wrapping the string over the tail piece. This didn't allow me to lower the saddle. But at least, I was

able to screw down the tailpiece all the way down. :)

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