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LP STD 06 - Maple Figured Top, Grade ....?


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Hi Everyone,

Testing once again your patience with more questions on my newly adquired LP ](*,)

I read somewhere on the Web that Standards from 2006, had a Grade AA Maple Figured Top. I wonder if from the pictures below, someone can confirm or deny that mine has this top type.






I also notice that the flame runs only horizontally, not vertically (which I like) and that it is highly book matched.


I got it used from the store with no more information than the Serial Number and the weight (that tells it me it is a weight relieved one). If this has some special top, would it had a different price than other 'regular' '06 standards (if any) ?




(thanks for reading)

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I'd say that's a AAA top - flaming all the way (and/or almost all the way) to the edges. Very nice. =P~


AA would run out before the edges, with some spottiness and light figuring in the body, with the underlying grain easily visible through the figuring.


AAAA goes out to the edges with more constrast between the light and dark bands, which would be prominent, close together and hardly show the natural graining. The "bookmatching" is nearly perfect.


The quality of the top is sometimes a crap shoot - if Gibson doesn't specify the grade, there can be a wide variance in the flaming (figuring) - AA, AAA, AAAA. No special charges, but Gibson adds the cost for special grades/types of wood. If you order one sight unseen, you could end up with a top you're not satified with. Some guys will shop eyes-on/hands-on only to get a good top, great playbility and finish. Gotta check that QC.


This top is graded by Gibson as AAA:



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If this has some special top, would it had a different price than other 'regular' '06 standards (if any) ?
No. Gibson selects the tops for LPs after they are cut/graded, so the top for your guitar was selected for that model. The more elaborate/beautiful figure/flame tops are mostly used for RIs, and 'one-offs", so you won't see very many, "regular" Standards with AAAA, or even AAA tops. Those are used mainly for the Supremes, and some Customs.
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I have a Premium Plus which is a AAA top. Some AAs are very close to AAAs. If your top is rated AA by Gibson, then I'd say you are closer to a AAA. It's kinda subjective at best. Very sweet in either case. Here's mine...



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