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Ebay GT fake? Comments please.


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Is this a genuine Gibson?


Gibson les paul gold top 57 reissue on eBay


Look at the neck scarf joint

Fret ends go over binding

Gibson in Gold lettering

Position of Gibson Logo

Nashville style bridge (not ABR-1). This looks pretty like an original Nashville... can this guitar redeem itself?

Embossed s/n and 'Made in USA'

Tuners not in straight line

Grain on back mahogony slab in defo not quartersawn

No pointer washers on control knobs

Pickup rings too small

Non historic TRC (albeit 2 screws)

Non amber toggle

'Pregnant' top carve

Pup rings are shallow


Pretty good looking guitar though.


My question; it clearly isn't an R7. Is it a Gibson at all?


I'm in correspondance with the seller who seems pretty genuine and says he paid £1575 for it.


Plenty of views of this thread, no opinions though! Please comment!

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Just something I spotted whilst trawling. I don't know the seller but I PM'd him saying I thought it was a fake. Turns out he paid £1575 for it in an ebay auction! I suggested he emails Gibson with pics.


I don't think its even a standard GT with that neck. What do you think?

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PM from the seller


"Thanks for all the info - i cannot believe I have been conned. Feel pretty foolish. I'll be removing the listing to spare someone else falling into the same trap as i genuinely thought it was real. Nightmare. I guess it pays to be educated in these things.


Thanks again"

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