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A 7-year-old autistic girl who once struggled to speak found her voice through the gift of song, and now she's sharing her talent in arenas all over the country.

Gina Incandela of Orlando, Fla., has enchanted thousands with her crooning of the national anthem at hockey games, basketball arenas and conventions. This week, she took center court at the U.S. Open, according to a CBS News.com report.

"It's really amazing and it's kinda awesome out there," Gina told CBS News about the feeling she gets when she performs


video here VVV









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My 9 year old has Asperger's Syndrome, in the Autism "spectrum", his "talent" right now is destroying things and being a control freak with his little brother, and that's when he's medicated. No meds? Look the f@ck out.

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