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Gimme Shelter - home recording


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Putting my neck out on the line a bit here. :-s


Noodling over the Stones "Gimme Shelter", rythm is me and I'm also improvising some leadthingy, based on the bluesscale. My guitar is a little too loud compared to the backing track, I know. I'm pretty sure I can't repeat it if my life depended on it, so I'm not even going to try and do another take to adjust the volume or correct the mistakes that's in there.


The backing track is from http://playingwiththeband.com/ They have several versions of "Gimme Shelter" to choose from. And other tracks too.

I think this page is one of the best that I could find on the net.

If you have any links to other sites that offers tracks with the same options to choose from and in the same quality, please let me know.


The track is recorded with JamVox.

The rig is a Vox AC30TB with a TrebleBoost pedal and a Boutique pedal.

Guitar is a Gibson LP Slash Goldtop tuned to Eb. The volume on the bridge pickup is 10, the tone about 8. The neck is 4-5 on volume and 0 on tone.

It's recorded in .WMA and converted to MP3.

I've butchered out the intro, 'cause I f¤cked it up real good...


Constructive critisism is welcome, just keep in mind that this was made for my own personal amusement and I didn't really plan to put it "out there".


Bullsh!t belongs elsewhere.



Gimme Shelter - KoleraCover

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Great job and righteous tones! What I enjoyed about your playing most is that you don't sound uptight; you're going for it and it comes across as unrestrained. That is, you're grooving and you can hear that you're simply enjoying playing your guitar which, to me, is what it's all about. :-s

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