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ES-339 Second Year.....


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My '07 did it's first gig Sept 13th, '08. The next day it did it's second, a wedding gig for a close friend. That's how I remember the date.


Anyhow..... No (new) pictures yet, but this guitar does about 100/150 sweaty gigs a year. I'm just a weekend warrior playing bars, some still allow smoking in Ky. The wear is showing in a few spots.


1; The tailpiece is getting harder to polish even with the Gibson Bench Tested Metal Cleaner.


2; The Rosewood board is showing signs of "play".....


3; My right forearm spot....... (you know........)


4; Strap VS Nitro. Can't help that, eh.....


Thumb wear on the back of the neck isn't noticable yet. It was on my J45 pretty quick.


I'm not good with a camera, but am thinking after 2 years, which will be some 250+ gigs in bars, I'll post some nice pics of her. Natural reliced......


Best of luck......



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Mine's only a few months old, been gigged solidly since I got it (much to the disgust of my ES175 which seems to live in it's case these days). Plenty of wear already! The nitro's dulled nicely, chrome is tarnishing, a few minor dings. I could never be bothered to clean it after every gig, just a cloth up and down the neck is good enough for me.

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I want to see pics of it a year ago, and now.


I wipe my guitars down after every show and put new strings on. Strings don't last more that a week for me, so changing them every other day isn't bad. I always make sure to wipe it down with cleaner after every show, I guess I could be considered anal as well...



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