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Speaking of DTV


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Anybody else having difficulty with the new and "improved" digital signal?


I got the box. Original reception was spotty, but tolerable. Over the summer the reception has gotten steadily worse and has been mostly non-existant since about mid-July.


I'm near about 40 miles from the 'find your station ' website recommended stations. If it's storming... nothing. If it is bright and cloudless.... nothing. If it is moderatly cloudy, no storming, not much wind... It comes and goes. Yes I have an amplifier and translator box. Gosh, I hope the electricty don't go digital. I may have to draft the Coleman stove and kerosene lamps into service.


Now I know how Grandpa felt when he got his first TV.


I hate technology. 2 steps forward, 3 steps back.


At least I have a vast VHS/DVD collection, but I'm quickly coming to the end of it. Maybe I should practice guit tar, what say?

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I agree with Jocko I like XP and 2003 server but again another OS(7). TommyK

The DTV had me going to. I did some research because I'm about 50 Miles to the

towers. The most important thing is to have the amplifier or booster as close to the antenna as possible mine is a foot away. You have to do this because the

signal lost is so great on the RG6 cable. I had mine in the house nothing or maybe

1 channel. I moved it up a foot off and bang 90% signal. If you look at the pic.

of my house on the other thread you can see my antenna sitting on the chimney.

I,m just figuring it out also. Here's what I found out. Don't put in attic 85%

signal lost there. Amplifier as close to the antenna as possible. They do make amplifiers that do run the current through the RG6 and are I think 28DB boost. For testing I had a 12DB boost and ran a cord up to power it up on the roof. It would

works good that way just need to put my Tripod up this weekend and I'll be good.

Hope this helps.



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My amp is the indoor type about as close to the TV as possible. I've seen those tower top boosters. I even bought one at RadioShack about 10 years ago, just never got up the courage to go up there. This living-room mount one was on sale, so I bought it and it amped the analog signals fairly well.


I've got a 3 legged Rohn tower, about 3 sections from the ground up. So it's about 8' above the roof. In the mean time the RS tower booster has never been out of the package, but the plastic they used for the case looks like someone took a blow torch to it. It's all warped. He has never been near heat or sunlight since I bought it. I doubt now that it'll be weather tight. Any suggestions on brand?, where to get a tower top booster? That requires a 110V line up the tower to power it with.. Right? Do you have an outdoor outlet or run the cord through the wall into the house?


My cables are all all weater coax with factory connectors or clamp repair connectors.


I like the gold plated screwon-to-slip fit connectors. Are they much of a hinderence? All slip on tightly.

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I have to run a Di-Plexer so that I can run the Sat and the OTA on the same cable.

One on each end. I have the indoor booster also but it now on the roof. From what i have learned after about 30' the signal from the antenna is not enough any

more. You'd be surprised I was all the channel come in. At least try it. Take a short 1 foot peice or RG6 and a power cord and see. I',m 50 miles and it comes

right in. But not with out the booster up at the antenna.



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