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Gap at neck joint on Raw Pwr


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So I removed the p guard to get a look at things

and while looking at the base of the neck discovered what

looked like loose sawdust in a gap. The gap may be normal

but I would think you would'nt want sawdust to be able to

start making it's way under a semi-clear pick guard where

it would'nt look right. I would think having the strongest

neck body connection is a good thing and being a carpenter myself

I would have put some glue or filler in there or at least blown the

dust out of the gap.....unless I was trying to hide it.




The maple is why I got this guitar, the smoky guard not so much




I filled the gap with epoxy and am not going to worry bout it, also going to change to the smaller guard.

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The "gap" is normal (have you ever seen the tenon of an LP?), but the sawdust thing? That's a different story. This goes to show that these guitars were produced on a VERY tight/rushed schedule, and that the final touches (clearing the body/cavities of dust/debris) were clearly ignored in order to get these on the market ASAP.


This really isn't anything new as Gibson's (and MANY other comapnies') QA has gone WAYYY down in recent years, due to the fact that they basically PUSH all their guitars out the door so fast that the finish doesn't even have time to dry/cure (which I've actually seen before, but that's a WHOLE different story).


Less time spent on QA/TQ = More guitars out the door (in a shorter amount of time) = More $$$$ in Gibson's pocket...in a shorter amount of time.


Now we know why vintage LPs/SGs are so desirable. They DON'T (and probably, never will again) make them like they used to!

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When you filled in the two parts for the pickguard did you sand the top?


If so' date=' isn't there some nitro finish that would have been removed?[/quote']


I think he was referring to where the neck tenon area.


However if he does move forward with the 70's style bat wing pick-guard, he may want to shell out the extra $5 for the neck joint cover too..... to hide that messy part of the body.



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Man, I really don't believe that a gap between the neck and body is correct on a fitted neck, what happened to the structual rigidity? I've seen lots of bolt on necks, and they are butted up to the body then screwed down.


Is that how they calibrate the scale lenght??? It seem that by now the body and necks should all be precise with out need for shims or gaps, or is the the advantage of "hand made"? Then give me CNC any day.

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