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Pics of my Marshall/Tube Amp.


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I need to try one of those out.


Almost as good as the Kerry King head? Lol.


I would rather have the Haze than the KK. But of course I could sell the KK and make bank. You know what I mean though.

Surely you jest. A JCM800 vs. a Haze? I played one of these last weekend, and it was nice (particularly for the price), but nothing that will melt your face off.

Grats Demon. Tubes are great, of course now that you've popped your cherry, you will never go back to a SS.


Edit: Sorry Dub, just saw the LOL at the end of your sentence. Phew, you scared me there for a moment.

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OK dem00n - good, no, GREAT step in the right direction.

Play and learn, learn and play. Then listen to the glory of tubes.


The next tube amp needs to look different though.....

When you look underneath you should see something like this:-


And when you look at the back of it, something like this:-


Notice cool speakers AND glass bottles hanging down.


Nothing beats the warm satisfying glow of thermionic emmissions.....

.....leastways, not when loudifying a string driven thing.

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