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new amp for the wishlist....


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since i am a bedroom rockstar, i am intrigued by the low watt tube amps. i love to play with VJs, the Blackstars and the Tiny Terrors.


tonight i found a good one: the Marshall Haze.


now i realize this thing is 40 watts; not exactly small. and i realize marshall is coming out with a 5w which i am awaiting. but for $700, it kinda fits with the Rebel, TT, etc.


i love a good EL34. having owned amps with different tube combos, i was meant for the el34 sound. amd i think this amp is pretty cool. it has a decent clean channel and the OD can do gritty to heavy gain. sure the cleans wont rival a vox, but it is a marshall afterall. and while the OD might not equal a plexi head, its not going to make you go deaf and blow out the windows either. nor will it break the bank or take up a lot of space.


anyone else play one of these?

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