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Epiphone '59 Les Paul Standard


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For anyone who's in the Epiphone market, but intends to replace the pickups anyway, it's actually a pretty good deal...


Supposedly better wood (since no one has them, we can't say)

Bustbucker pickups

Hardshell case


For $900... a Les Paul Standard Plus-top is $550, plus a set of BBs is $220, plus a hardshell case, which can range anywhere from $50 to $300. Assuming that case is practically identical to a Gibson case, $130 isn't bad. Plus you don't have to replace the pickups yourself.

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Don't get me wrong. I will say it again, it is not the guitar I dislike, same as the Hendrix disaster, both guitars are probably good excluding the Hendrix kiddie range of course, they will end up in poundland (or a 99c store in the US).


It's the absolute bullsh1t they spout with it. There is absolutely NO NEED to do it. People are not,, well mostly, not that stupid! We play it, we like it, we buy it! As for advertising make it plain and simple with no obvious crap that seasoned guitarists will spot in a millisecond!


Let's face it, unless you play one, nomatter what crap a manufacturer spouts you are not gonna buy it!

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