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Funny Story.... My fiesty grandparents.


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Far before the 1900s my friend....



It is identified as the digitus impudicus ("impudent finger") in Ancient Roman writings[1] and reference is made to using the finger in the ancient Greek comedy to insult another person. The widespread usage of the finger in many cultures is likely due to the geographical influence of the Roman Empire and Greco-Roman civilization.


Another possible origin of this gesture can be found in the first-century Mediterranean world, where extending the digitus impudicus was one of many methods used to divert the ever present threat of the evil eye.[2]

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I was making reference to Hitler' date=' I have no idea when the "finger" happened.[/quote']



I don't think Demoon is that dumb to think Hilter was around in the 60s. He was clearly questioning when the use of the middle finger started. Give the kid some credit!

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