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Curiosity? Yes! Real? Who knows? My old Explorer...


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My brother bought this in the mid to late '70s. When he died, I took it home.


It plays very well and sounds really, really good.


It's been played a lot - significant fret wear, looks like the relic-job is the real deal alright.


I've emailed Gibson CS a few times in the past, but with no reply. I suspect that some of the below might account for the lack of response.


What I think I know about it:


1) Can't find a serial number anywhere.

2) The inlaid "Gibson" on the head appears to be a rectangular piece let into the wood as a unit.

3) The binding is super-wide (front to back)

4) the "flame-y ness" is veneer - and I've never seen pufling go right up the middle to mask that "it's not all one piece."


Sure is purty, tho.


I've had some tell me that there was once a guy named Callaway (or Callahan) that worked at Gibson (and Fender, too) who would snitch seconds from the trash and hammer together fakes - wouldn't surprise me one bit.


I've also had folks tell me to never say never... go figure.


Have any of you ever heard of anything like that?




What else might I look for that might help nail this one way or the other?


My thanks in advance to those who know more about this stuff than I do.




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First of all, NICE!


Second, the bridge looks late-'70's awful, so authentic. Tuners, however, give me pause. Look updated to me. Just sayin'.


Peghead: that inlay method sounds right, but I am not a luthier, just a player over age 50.

The body looks great! I cannot ever remember there being any Ex's in a premium model with block fretboard inlays. This could be an Explorer Custom, or just a really good tribute to Gibson.


Have you pulled out the P'ups to look underneath?

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Cool looking Mutt. Definitely someone's project guitar and not a bad looking job. The 2 piece veneer could have been done better. That bridge looks an awful lot like a Gibralter. The body is not an e/2 or CMT type, looks like a Standard to me


My best guess is a total refinish with the veneer added, hence the thicker binding

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