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Amazing animals - crime solving leech.


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I love this stuff.

This is why I don't read fiction, the truth is much more interesting!



In the movies, you might see a monkey, pig, bear or lion foil some villainous plot against a person.

We’ve even seen guinea pigs turned into super spies.

In real life, horses and dogs have a proud history of serving their communities as members of police departments around the world. But what about the heroic leech?


Australian police used DNA extracted from a leech 8 years ago to convict a man of robbing an elderly woman.


Arriving at the scene of the crime, officers found little evidence except for an engorged leech on the floor.

After finding no bite marks on themselves or the woman, police took samples of DNA from the leech and added them to a database. Eight years later, a man was picked up on a drug offense and, following routine procedure, investigators cross-checked his DNA against the database.

They found a match.


The man pleaded guilty to robbery on Monday.

Our auspicious annelid attached itself to the unsuspecting criminal as he was traveling through the bush.

The leech then did its work, dropped off at the scene of the crime, and patiently waited for police to arrive.

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