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Bought a cherry Special last night!


This is my guitar history:


1. Unknown Tele copy– 1988

2. Westone – 1991-2003

3. Tokai Kramer copy– 2005-2008

4. Epiphone 335 copy – 2008-2009

5. Epiphone SG copy – 2009

6. Squier Jagmaster – 2009

7. Gibson SG Special – 2009



After 20 years of doughnuts, I'm finally eating cake.

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Here's the story of that amp:


I met my wife in 1999. That summer, she showed me some musical gear in her parents' basement. A banjo, an acoustic, a Kent bass and that little Supro 1606 - under plastic. The Kent and the Supro had belonged to her uncle who had died in a car accident in 1969. The amp had sat there, untouched, for over 30 years.


It's very lively. I'm trying to educate myself on the amp. I gather Jeff Tweedy used something similar on the early Wilco records. And I've read that Jimmy Page used a small Supro for certain things.

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