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A Happy Blues Birthday...


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I LOL' date='


Never heard of this dude. Was his music recorded?[/quote']


Yes, although not very often or very well. It was near the turn of the century after all!


Milod would know much more than I do certainly, but he might be called a bridge between the ragtime of Scott Joplin and the later delta blues of early guys like Patton, House, and Johnson.



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I hear crickets chirping...


Interestingly enough, Handy credited these sounds as the inspiration for his music...


... "Handy cited the sounds of nature, such as 'whippoorwills, bats and hoot owls and their outlandish noises', the sounds of Cypress Creek washing on the fringes of the woodland, and 'the music of every songbird and all the symphonies of their unpremeditated art' as inspiration'


Not quite crickets, bit close.

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