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Fang inlays


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Love the style of the claw inlays (I imagine they're claws gripping around the fretboard, not fangs... but that's just my imagination). I'm also with you on having them at all the traditional locations. However, that is because at my level of fretboard familiarity I need them. If I were a fretboard wizard, I might be happy with inlays at just the 5th and 12th frets. What should I vote then? [biggrin]




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I actually like The Dusk Tiger. Goofy name but I like the guitar. The only thing I would have done differently was make it a carved top. I'm not really a fan of flat top Les Pauls.


I would have like either the dual parallelograms of the 295 or more of the fangs on the guitar.


Carved top would have been sweet, but I imagine the metal work would have been much more challenging.


I would have liked EQ's on all 3 pickups too.

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I like dot inlay as I'm old and when things start happening at 170 beats a min I don't get lost But thats why they are there I some times get confused on Block inlays but I have also played nothing but 62 Les Paul Jr's Most of My Life its really up to the player to pick ther preference as were all differint its all good and Gibson has been a part of my life since I first picked up a Six String and said turn it up and let's Rock

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