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Hello, I just bought my first Les Paul (Question)


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Hello everybody,

I´m new to this forum, and thought I´d sign up to check out this board

and perhaps get some advice on my new guitar (hope you don´t mind).


Recently I purchased my first Gibson Les Paul Standard.

It´s a sweet guitar, suppossedly from 1992 according to Ishibashi Web Shop

(I bought it used, from Japan).


They told me, before I got it, that the previous owner had painted over

the "Les Paul Model" script logo, with black ink. No problem I thought, just

carefully clean it off and make the script logo see the light of day once again.

It turns out however that the logo wasn´t just painted over.

When the ink was removed it became apparent that it had been sanded off.

Why would anybody do this to a Gibson Les Paul?


It plays great and it´s a sweet guitar but it annoys me that the "Les Paul Model"

script is missing. It just doesn´t look right.


Now, I´m thinking about having it restored professionally, do you think this is a good idea?

What would you have done? Should I just leave it as it is?


Here are a few pics:













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Great looking guitar, nice purchase but sorry to hear about the logo.


I know you can get the official decals and screenprinting for the logo on eBay, looks perfect to my eyes.


Nobody would know the difference with the exception of a "rough spot" on your headstock.


The bastard who did that must be tracked down though!

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Nice looking guitar as far as the logo goes the previous owner must have been one of "those" guys who doesn't like signature models ....;)


Hope to see you at Sweeden Rock this summer !




Ha ha, true.


Well I´ll be working mostly this summer but who knows!

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if its gonna bother you then yes get it redone! if u can live w/ it then i wouldnt worry about it! nice guitar btw!


Thank you. And you´re right.

The thing is it bothers me alot, but would a refinished headstock bother me even more, I don´t know.

Well I´ll give it some time to see if it bothers me less as time passes by, if not then I look into sending

it to a luthier for a headstock refinish.

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Actually I already emailed a luthier that I know.

It´ll be interesting to get his opinion.


Another thing, does anyone know what the color (name/"code") of my Les Paul is?

Could it be "Natural"? Or maybe some very light burst?

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i am sorry to hear about your problem. some people just dont understand and appreciate what they have. i guess he didnt like the name les paul. but anyways its a nice guitar. oh it would probably cost a lot but i did see on the gibson web site that they restore guitars, you can ship them your guitar and i wonder if they can put that signature back on there. i bet it would be costly.

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Just thought you'd like to know that your guitar was made in 1994. In 1994, Gibson used the first two numbers of the serial to desingate the year. This was the only year they did it.


Your guitars serial format is: YYdddxxx


A normal serial is formatted ar YdddYxxx where ddd is the julian date, which is the number of the day during the year. There are 365 days in a year so a day in the 400's cannot exist.


By the way, nice ax, love the back.

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