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1978 the Les Paul Pro DeLuxe ??


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Big thanks to DiamondJig, Tazzboy and Big Kahune for the tech help.


Nemo68 - it certainly is an interesting guitar. Weighs in at 9lb, but I don't notice the weight when it is on the strap - even for a long rehearsal. Tuning is rock solid. It spent a long time in it's case under the first owners bed and is in stunning condition. I can't say I really like the skinny fretwire - it is not so immediately easy to play as my other Gibsons, but you do get used to it after a few numbers. And the sound is awesome.


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Hi Big Kahune - it is a real 1978. (I have checked the dating from the serial number - 18th July 1978 in Nashville (Serial no. 71998543). It was in it's case from new to about 1999/2000, when it was sold to a music shop in London. I saw it, played it and bought it in about 10 minutes flat. Cost £1,000 back then, (about $1,500). I play it at home and in the studio with my band. It will probably not be gigging though,,,


Up really, really close you can see the age:


The finish is slightly more matte and has not quite got the gloss shine of a brand new black Gibson.


The bracket holding the pickguard is pitted and corroded.


The pickguard screw is rusty.


Some (tiny) pitting and blistering of the chrome plating on the bridge and on one of the tailpiece studs.


The finish has sunk slightly on the rear of the headstock, which means the laminate neck construction is clearly visible.


A few minor dings and scratches (but no belt buckle rash at all).


A few very small cracks in the finish where the binding meets the body on the inside curve of the cutaway.


But from more than 2 feet away, it looks like it could be new.


I love it!

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Hi NoProDeluxe,


when I was surfing the net after buying my black '78 LP Pro, I found someone's web page who had one and that said 8 had been made that year - but there was no indication of the evidence for this, and I got the feeling he might have been trying to "talk up" the rarity value.


I wonder if Gibson would have a record?



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Hi Manse,

thanks for that, I see from your profile your in Essex, I used to live in Leigh on sea in the early 80's and then moved to Chelmsford. Had the 76 Pro then, fine guitar. The 78 I bought from http://www.vintageandrareguitars.co.uk in Bath. Where at this very moment they have a 1980 Pro for sale! £1695.



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Hi Gary - I am actually in Dorset - I just used DM Guitars in Essex to refinish my '67 jag because Dan's work looked exceptional on the net and he had some very credible, but not loaded, pro players as customers. Can't recommend him too highly....


I actually pass through Bath every couple of weeks on business and often pop in to Vintage and Rare. Used to go into their Denmark Street shop when I lived in London. Good gear, but some scary prices.... I think their price on the LP Pro looks pretty reasonable - looks quite nice with the gold knobs too....


Be interesting to see what your serial number is.......they look so alike!





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