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Led Zeppelin - The Ride


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For all you Zep fans here on the forum (and I think there's a few) I just wanted to give you a review of the roller coaster "Led Zeppelin The Ride" at Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach, SC.



In a word - AWESOME!! It's a great coaster. Just standing in line is a great experience. Well, there were no lines which is why I rode it 6 times, but anyway, you enter a holding room where there's a 5-8 min video with all sorts of fun facts, interview and concert footage. When the ride's ready to board, the doors open onto the platform which is inside what I would call a "tin" zeppelin... hehe. The coaster seats four to a row and the first thing you notice are the speakers at your feet. The entire ride has you jamming to Whole Lotta Love!! WOO! Six inversions including two full loops and it's a super smooth ride throughout. All things considered, IMHO, it's the most ***-kickin coaster ever.


The whole park was a really cool. There were two coasters that weren't open yet (Maximum RPM which you sing karaoke while waiting in line and Slippery When Wet which, yep, gets you wet) but that was ok with me. Everywhere you went there was GREAT music. No Rap. No Pop. Just good ol' R&R. And they had the sound system set up so perfectly that you could be listening to one song and two steps later be listening to something totally different without either song bleeding into each other. The facilities were super clean and the staff were out of this world friendly. AND ...there was every rock and roll T-shirt, keychain, ashtray, belt buckle, hat, shot glass and whatever else you can think of available. I really had a good time. I hope you guys get a chance to check it out.

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