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Sheraton with P90's


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Yeah, I'd get the Casino. Less work, although you don't get the center block so the first idea is not completely whack... heh heh. It just seems a tad weird to me to buy a Dot or a Sheraton and then turn it into a Casino... rather than just buying a Casino.

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My Casino's neck is thin and not as wide, as a Dot's....at least the one's I've seen/played on.

Not sure the exact differences, on the newer Casino's to Dot's, though...as my Casino is a Kalamazoo

(1966), and I think they were a bit narrower, that way, anyway.


I'm sure there are others, here, that have a better comparison?



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In no way have I nor did I intend to turn my sheraton into a casino.

If pups were all there were to it, that might be doable.

But it sure isn't.


Center block decreases tendency to feedback, while allowing you to retain the semi hollow tones and dynamics.

All maple body is brighter, no matter what pups you use.

The neck access is not only greater by far, the neck is thinner and flatter and faster.


those three things were primary to my decision in keeping the Sheraton.

don't get me wrong, I can Beatle with the best of them.


But I can also do more. These aren't low ouput p90s. They're hot.. full of vintage vibe, but unique and wider ranging.


I've never done a casino pup swap, but I wont BS you about the difficulty in doing it with a sheri.

you thread through the f holes and it has to be a good soldering job in order to take the abuse. Don't be surprised if you get it all in and have lost a solder connection.


Get it in though, and if you want P90 sound, sheraton sustain, maple tone.. the ability to rock with humbucker guitars, or twang with

single coils.. if you love those blues.. and like jazzy warmth with crystal clarity..

you gonna be one happy little dude.


mojotone has a good video tutorial on doing pickup and pot swaps..


I've done mine at least twice every time I've done it.

It's not easy. But it's worth it to me, and these are staying right where they are.


If you get Armstrongs. be sure you get a bridge and a neck pup.. ask whoever your salesman is, (unless it's me, I'll be sure) if you are getting the bridge and neck pups. they are spaced differently so the strings will pass right over the pole pieces.


And take a good look around at different views on how p90s react being closer or farther from the strings, pole piece adjustment as well as general height via mounting rings can really fine tune your tone.


Turn it into a casino, pretty hard to do. get casino tone, you can.

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