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Want a 1955 Goldtop?


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1955 LP Goldtop - $5' date='500

1955 LP Goldtop

I want this one soooooooooo bad. I would trade my left nut for it.


If hes legit, thats a damn steal!

I've seen them on ebay for 5 figure sums.

Although there is one there now for $6,500.


Before you get too excited the bottom line for the cheapest legitimate Gold Tops in fair to very good condition ('52-'53) is around $12K-$18K. A '54/'55/'56 bottom line is probably around $15K to $25K depending upon condition... and '57's double that. Under $10K ? I'd probably run in the opposite direction but anything is possible...just not very likely.

...the CL one was flagged so I guess that's some indication of what that was all about.


...and Al's your uncle

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