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Only baby steps so far, but there is a definite difference in tone!

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Upgraded my tubes in the vjr head to One Tungsol 12AX7 and one low bias JJ EL84, I got the one's that were linked on the bitmo trio mod kit website. Not sure if I got the low bias (or what it means), but I got the ones it linked to, and there is a DEFINITE difference in sound, much warmer, more vibrant, I haven't gotten that tube distortion yet, and I've pushed it well past 5 o'clock, however I didn't go past 2 or 3 on the guitar volume.

The thing is really freaking loud and I dont have much solo time without the wife home to enjoy playing it loudly.

So would the guitar volume effect that?

Anyway, 1 step at a time, first the tubes, then who knows where.....:-#/

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No distortion on low gain tubes until you crank tone AND volume, but wow. I overdrive lower than that with the guitar on 3 but I run a #35 Eurotubes JJ EL84 that breaks up FAST. I asked them to scale back to an EL34L that's equivalent to a #32, and got a #23 :-#


Guitar volume and amp volume almost do the same thing, but not quite; that is, if you roll back guitar volume once you start distorting, you WILL stop distorting, just as if you rolled back vol on the amp.


Marshallize that thing and/or Trio it, and you'll start getting some really different tones. Faster overdrive on Whoa/pull mode on the trio by far, and the Marshallization mods discard less signal.

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hey ricah,


look here and you'll find what you're after....





it's a bunch of mods to get there, but I did them a bit at a time and found the closer I stayed to and the further I got down the gold silver path the more my amp sound like an old marshall...



you may need to log in first to do so, but the links to the old epi forums are broke now and there is a ton of cool info and discussion over there at SEwatt...

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