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it's not sheilding.. it's just black paint.


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redoing the pots on my epi and tested continuity on the black interior paint.

it's just paint. No sheilding value at all.

Yeah, but it does a great job of camouflaging the OSG (one side good) plywood they used for the top.8-[

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It's got to be for cosmetic reasons.

I wont say they lie, because I've never read anywhere they said it was sheilding.

I just thought.. if you're going to do that work why not think of the customer and make it effective.


I guess they figure humbucks are enough.


and cosmetic here probably means to hide the plys.. they don't say 'solid mahogany' which might be sticks, or number the pieces, which ought to be a law!, they just say mahogany, and that's corpspeak for can I put you on hold?


In order to replace the pots, I had to do quite a bit of dremeling in the cavity..

for instance the bridge volume pot was not only sitting on two thicknesses of top..

they didn't route enough around the sides of the pot so you had to shove it in with a tool.

Now it's sits level and slides in and out.


Other places were similar. Very sloppy routing in there.

And as little as possible seems to be their rule.

That is, it's not just a hole. it's a complicated hole!

The cavity top is routed for the plate..

the hole itself is sort of figure 8 shaped beneath the plate though.

and extra wire? good grief I must have cut out a foot of the stuff at least.


Tomorrow I'll copper foil the cavitys, and resolder everything for how it has to fit, instead of how it ought to fit.

Can't find my dang sheild paint.

probably in my underwear drawer along with my t square and batman mask.

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