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Epi Les paul pickguard

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With so many guitarists removing the PG I would find it hard to believe there's not a single one willing to part with theirs.


Hey, ya never know when you might wanna put it back on...I'm living proof of that.

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I've got an epi lp studio here..

if you want to send me your guard, I'll fit it to mine and send it back to ya, no charge.

I build 'em from scratch so it'll be right- fit right for sure.


I put a gibby guard on mine.. mine came with a scratch in it.. but I don't remember having to fit it at all..

maybe I did.. but I can't remember!

I'm in minnesota.. so the shipping back and forth wont be as much as a new guard by a longshot.

let me know pm if you want to do that.

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