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Goldtop for sale


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Let me start by saying that this is not my guitar nor do I have any affiliation with the seller. Hell I'm not even right handed.


I noticed this for sale on the Fender Forum and know that there has been talk here lately of people looking for goldtops.


I'm providing a link strictly as an FYI:




Sorry if this offends anyone, I'm just trying to help.

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It looks to be in good shape. The brand new chinese models sell for $399. The new case is a selling point. LP cases (good ones) start around $80 and go up to $120 and higher. The pickup screws tend to corrode on highly played P90's if the player perspires a lot. Those are shiny.


It would be nice if he included a serial number. The Unsung Koreans were Uyymmddnnnn, made in the Unsung plant. There may be other prefixes.

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