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Sheraton II or "Dot" for 12-20th frets?

Bender 4 Life

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Ive noticed that the Sheraton II has no fret markers beyond the 15th fret.

much of my time is spent between the 12th and 20th.......

i'm going to try one out tomorrow, but i'm afraid i'd "get lost" w/o markers.


concidering that I REALLY use the upper fret markers would I likely be better

off getting a dot, with markers all the way up?

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I always did like the Sheratons. Beautiful guitars.

My problem is that I should change my name to Acid Finger. Me and gold "coatings" don't get along.

On the subject of fret makers..I am sure you will deside for yourself if you can deal with it or not.

After all, after the last marker there are only 7 frets. Even if you are playing on the last 4, your first finger is only 4 frets above the last marker.

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it's true you know.. acid fingers I mean.

You guys sweat like that Alien in the movie bleeds. Eats right through the hull of the ship.


Me, I'm dry as a bone.. and when I do sweat it's alkaline ph, I guess they call it. dust!


I've never had a bother with the upper frets on a sheraton.

anything after 12 is sort of frill.


I also think the inlays would start to be a tad odd.. and more expensive.

I like 'em this way!


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