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Here's the parts rundown:


The pick-ups are GFS Mean 90 - Bridge

GFS Dream 180 - Neck (wired as a single coil only, not coil tapped)


Pickguard B/W/B - ala TWANG


Truss Rod Cover B/W/B - Terrapin Guitars #TRC-3 (photo)


Tuners - Grover Rotomatics 14:1 - Stew Mac #901 (photo)

Knobs V,T - Bell Knob - Stew Mac #1195V, 1197T


Switch Plate - B/W letters - All Parts


Strap Buttons Chrome - Fender - Sam Ash


Yes, That is Original Faded Cherry Finish





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Memphs 1978,

Here's info on Dream 180: From GFS Website.




GFS Dream 180 Dream180.gif




These are clasically gorgeous humbucking pickups made to combine the chime and jangle of vintage Filtertrons with the warmth and body of a great pair of vintage PAF's- To accomodate modern playing styles we wound 'em HOT- and vacuum impregnated them with enough wax to make a candle. The result? Dead quiet, yet loud and toneful! Polepieces are matched to the string spread- 2 1/8" at the bridge, 2" at the neck.


They're fabulous sounding- Big and full with LOTS of Filtertron tone, but with a fatter, warmer and yet crunchier body. Thanks to the metal shell they are dead quiet , and the sense of string attack and dynamics is flat-out fabulous.






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Thom, your DS looks great! It's cool how we can unique-ify our guitars. I stayed with the all-black theme with mine - black Mean 90s, solid black pickguard and TRC (TWANG, too). Now I'm looking for solid black speed knobs. I'll post photos when I can borrow a digital camera (or take pics with my quaint 35mm film camera and scan them).

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dcooper830' date='


WOW!! A white studio, got my mind goin' now.... What could I do with a white Studio? :-k :-k :-k


Thanks, I feel G.A.S comin' on =P~:-k


Faded.... [/quote']


Coop is the man, a great guitar player/singer/songwriter as well and a major GAS enabler around these parts! Watch his videos people... This man is the real deal. =D>

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