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stan 58

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There you go' date=' showing off again, Svet! LOL!!!!!!!!! Nah, it's always nice to see your (very nice) collection!

I'm just kidding, and a bit envious, too. ;>)



Hi CB, I'm sorry, I just can't help it! I thought that those pictures would help illustrate the misnomer that Chinese guitars are junk. Those Eastman’s are built with exceptional levels of craftsmanship and should not be overlooked because of their origin. They are still relatively expensive but when one takes the materials and hand rubbed finish into consideration, well, they are considerably less expensive than the competition.

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Nah, Svet...don't be sorry. I was just teasing, a bit. And, you're right "Eastman's" from those I've seen and "tested" are excellent

guitars. I think Jeff Smith has one or more? Or, maybe he was just borrowing a photo of one, for similar purposes?

Seems like it was the "335" type Eastman, rather than the "Jazz" box model(s). Anyway...they're really nice guitars,

no doubt!



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Id like to clarify that by "Gringo" i meant mexicans, who i belive are exploited for cheap labor like the chinese is what i meant.


and that "7/10 epiphone owners happily buy chinese epihones blah blah blah..."


i dont, because most guitars from china are very shabby. its why i try to go for the korean ones because they are a thousand fold better.


i think a good 5-6/10 of those people are newbies who just buy cheap starting guitars that dont come in those rubbish package deals and have no idea about where the guitar came from.

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