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Replacement Pick Guard (scratch plate) for a sheraton


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I replaced the pick guard on my dot and found the following:

1) Epi pickup surrounds are slightly bigger

2) The pick guard neck-position screw hole is in a different position


My solution was to replace the pickup surrounds with gibby replacement surrounds (not Gibson, but made to the same dimensions. I then drilled a new screw hole near the neck--the old one was covered, fortunately.


If you want to use a 335 bracket (and avoid drilling a hole in the middle of the pickguard, try Island Fun House. They ship internationally. (Other suppliers claim to have 335 brackets, but these are really for deep-bodied guitars and so are too high for a 335-style body.)


Good luck with your project. Cheers.

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Yeah.. that's why I like a trace... and do them custom.

.. not all the neck screws on epis are in the same spot..

and if you have different pickup rings, they have to be fit, too.

brackets are adjustable and even bend a little and look no different. .haven't had any problems there yet.

check prices carefully.. I've seen sheri guards on ebay going for fifty bucks.

You could buy the material retial and save money at that price!


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