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Buzz from bridge screws


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I thought that only happened to Me!

I would suggest you get a Gotoh replacement bridge from stewmac to resolve your issue.

It will cost you around $25 but will be the best thing to replace the loose/rattling bridge saddle screws. These are tight and only turn if you take a screwdriver to them!

Even though it comes with the studs it should drop right in.

I'd call them if you require a certain color



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The other night I picked up my Epi LP Flametop and played it acoustically. BUZZ CITY! I couldn't believe how much buzz there was. I installed a new set of D'addario XL10's on it and all the buzz stopped....


Try a new set of strings first, unless you can put your finger on the offending part and stop the buzz. Then use the clear fingernail polish solution as someone said earlier.


These were SIT strings (Stay In Tune) that I tried on the recommendation of someone at the music shop. Back to the D's again for me. The SIT''s sounded great for about 2 weeks.

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