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the state of your wiring!


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I have been thinking about replacing pickups for a while now because i am not entirely happy with my sound.

So, i had a look at the wiring in my guitar and remembered the frankenstein job i did all those years ago using the original 1980's pots and switches and bits of random wire thieved from broken toys and headphone cables and the like.


It, occurred to me that perhaps with some brand new pots and switches and descent quality wire i might be able to give my guitar a new lease of life without buying new PUPs


How much difference do quality components and wire really make??

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At least as far as the wires go, this article may be of interest. http://www.engadget.com/2008/03/03/audiophiles-cant-tell-the-difference-between-monster-cable-and/


New pots may give more precise control but will not make your guitar sound better. Certainly

not a bad idea to upgrade those components, especially with a pickup change. If you have

a subpar amp, I'd recommend an amp upgrade before a pickup upgrade. YMMV.

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thanks for replying, that is an interesting link. I am happy with my amp which is an 80 watt marshal valvestate combo.

so, what your saying is, the current switches and pots are probably just fine, but if i do take the plunge and buy new PUPs i might as well just replace them all at once.?

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i rewired my LP to Jimmy Page 4 push/pull schematic some while ago. I just used any wire i found lying around... and from all different sources. Some came from headphone cables, some from a power adapter, heck, i even used the thick wire found in extension leads that go into house mains because i ran out!!!


it looked VERY messy, but worked! Some time later, i decided i would rewire it using purpose-designed wire. Can't remember the gauge, just remember that the black plastic coating is heat/fire proof, and i remember i was amazed when my tech took a lighter to some of it and tried burning/melting it, but to no avail. So i went out and bought the wire from the same supplier he used, and had TAKE 2 at rewiring my guitar:



have to admit it looks very neat and i'm proud of my work, but i honestly can't say i hear any difference.

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It's not that wiring makes your guitar sound better as to changing the tone.

It's about the performance.

with better pots you get a smoother feel .. this translates first into speed and confidence.. because they are firmer, more stable

and you always know where you are by touch.


You also will get a slightly better range along the pots path.. and add to that longer life.


Cap value changes can change tone..

and adding treble bleed also changes the sound..

not the tone.. the sound..


So with caps you can change things.. or not.

But it's definately improvement, don't kid yourself there.


We've heard the discussions on the three way.. if yours works well.. leave it in!


adding or changing components, also makes a difference... push pulls and switches increase the tonal reach..


Jimmy Page wiring is not stock, eh?


Wire is important, too.. for instance, more or better shielding.

then you have ground considerations.. maybe add a cap, a single point ground, etc...and not blow yourself up if something goes wrong

with the 110-!

screaming in pain is sound, too.





Putting in new pups. but leaving sloppy loose feeling pots.. or a noisy switch.. as well as not considering what your guitar can do with

some changes.. well, that's pretty silly.


The difference between a stock dot studio and my big red is huge when it comes to sound.

And that guitar will never have to be messed with for umpty kajillion years because the components are all

excellent and the work was done right.


So, my opinion is that it's not just about sound.. but certainly is partly about sound.. and always worth consideration, when it comes to




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my 2 cents. as limited i am in the whole mod arena, i have modded 4 of my guitars, 3 total mod jobs, from new hadware, pot, caps, pups and graphite nut.


it all matters from what i hear coming from the same amp. what is most important is what sound do you want to hear. on my first mod i left out that note and just was happy it all worked. on the second and third i took that important fact into play and the mods were more intrique ( the davison lp black beauty copy and the current mod project is a p-rail in a epi lp jr) and the sound was what i was looking for freaken awesome!!!!


So, what sound do you want. mod to that spec and you will be very happy with the results.

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thanks for all your input guys, much appreciated. i have pondered all day and decided that step one is to get propper wiring diagrams from Kent Armstrong and double check that i have connected it all up correctly to begin with. and generally make sure that everything is healthy. I kind of like the fact that i did a mix and match job on the wiring.........more guitar kudos

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update..... i checked out Kent Armstongs website and descovered that i had gotten my colours all mixed up, different manufacturers have different colour schemes DOH ! [-X Also, i had followed the original wiring that came on the guitar,..... but i found from a website someone posted up here in the EPI forum, a diagram for a PRS and followed it..... WHAT A DIFFERENCE !!! :D/ wdu_hh3t11_04.jpg It is epiphones try at copying a PRS after all.

the humbuckers are growly and strong and the coil splitter gives some very bright strat like sounds. I think i'll keep these pickups after all

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