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Why, oh why?????


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It escapes me why someone would lay waste to a perfectly good guitar (see Routing '56 Goldtop), to do something they could avoid by simply buying an appropiately equipped guitar, and probably save at least a hundred bucks doing that? I mean, the cost of the guitar, the pickups, having it done (not something I'd do myself)? After it's all said and done, it's gonna be close to an 8 or 9 hundred dollar guitar...why?

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I think you guys went over the top a bit in a couple of areas.

It wouldn't cost all that much.

And they are just guitars....there's a zillion of them.


That being said. I think routing is the last way I'd go given the number of pickups available out there.

One should be able to be happy with something that would fit.


A hotter p90.. a stacked or otherwise noiseless p90.. mini hums.


Back in the day p90s on a gibson was, in the opinion of most, a second rate gibson.

there's your goofy mythology at work.


A cobra with a 426 will not corner like a cobra with a smaller block.

but both are great cobras.


and yeah... I do agree that there are already guitars out which don't need mods.. save money.. take fewer chances of a bungled job..



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I'm guilty of it.....


I took a new $800 Gibby LP junior and routed the crap out of it, changed the bridge system to a ABR type and made it into a $1500 guitar after it was all said and done... Was it a smart thing to do??? Probably not, but it sure is a kick-*** guitar.....


Back in the 70's, people didn't think twice about whacking their Gibsons up to achieve some personal goal.

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