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What the heck is this


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Headstock from a LP guitar' date=' never seen this before, when if ever did Epi make guitars with a HS like this?




The Epiphone Basher (E Series) around 2001-2002. There was also a Demon (V style), Evolution (Explorer), Slasher (Firebird), LP Extreme (Crackle finish) and other modified spin-offs of other classic models. I believe all the E series had that E logo on the headstock.

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Yep' date=' its a Samick. Hollowbody, if I am correct.

I just saw one of those for sale on Craigslist.[/quote']


Yea that's the one I saw too, my brother is looking for another hollow body and I thought if it was a Samick I might send the ad to him, looks nice.



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