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new guy- it's to late now

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I have order from GAK


les paul ultra 2 in midnight ebony. It was between that and the classic custom ant (limited addition)


Still not sure I made the right decision on a cosmetic level.


was not to happy with the two standard ebony's I got to look at.


Yesterday I left my coat at the local guitar shop, they were looking inot the price of an indie for me.

When I went back this morn. One of the owners had a gibson les paul standard and a standard indie.

The top dog insisted I should here both, that the indie@£450 was better than the gibon@£1800 approx? He played them both through the same vox amp.


The indie was very impressive, especially for it's price would do (sweet child of mine etc. great) very clean and clear, but it didnt have the melodic sound smooth and warm the gibson got in certain settings. The indie sounded a little bit more treble'y . Great for certain music, but didnt have the range although probably was cleaner than the gibson in specif places but it made me think its more like a fender strat. still had the soul full blues sounds etc. From memory still think it probably does a better job than the epi standard, and is built very well. was more expensive. I think they have better pick ups in the indie as standard etc.


So for the price difference I thought I just buy a more expensive epiphone. The gibson did feel the way I thought it should and true to form was heavier than the epiphone version. I hope my choice is the right one.


I really couldn't make my mind up between the epi ultra 2 nano mag or the epi custom ant, I think they both look good but listerning to the nanomag sound sample seemed to me it was more versatile, I have a broad taste in music, not sure which way my playing will go!

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what pic's,- my wife isn't into that sort of thing.



If you mean the git ar I only placed order today, Just e-mailed them, Havent recieved conformation yet.


Sorry, It was not Gak it was Thomanns ( some one on here, recommended them with a few other suppliers?)

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Hey! I'm all about the chedrryburst, myself ... but you just bought yourself a very good guitar. I work my Ultra virtually five nights a week and I find it to be a very versatile and reliable instrument. If you start playing out, you'll learn to appreciate the fact that it is not the back-breaker that a Les Paul can sometimes be.


Let us know when it shows up so that we can send you HNGD wishes!



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Karl I think you're going to love the Ultra 2. I play mine at least 3 nights a week and I really like it.

The Nanomag gives it another dimension. Enjoy, and please post a picture as soon as possible.

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