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Sheraton - replace tuners with...?


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Those have a kluson style rear part.

two screws.

regular grovers that fit epis use one screw.


so if the screw hole at the bottom doesn't line up, it will still be hidden, most likely by the tuner back.

and you have to drill two new holes.


You can get a model like these


and put a gold keystone on it.

or a plastic one if you like that look.


I went with imperial buttons on the one screw type grover..




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I'll look 'em up...

14:1 is a lower ratio.. so it's not so fine tuning oriented as 18:1.

I have no problem with either.. the general thing is you turn farther with the 14:1..

and when you get close to the pitch you want.. you have better control with the 18:1.


14:1 is as low as is still very good.

so it's just a personal choice.

Some really like the fine tuning, others do well without it.


these are the two sets;




pm me if you need a set, I can find you a better price.

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I put a few sets of the Grover Vintage Green Keystones on several different Epis that I have, or have owned. I'm not sure if these are the same. I got them from stewmac and there is no number on their site, just said Vintage Green Keystones. I put them on newer Epis and they dropped riight in. Like Twang said, there are two holes on the back of the tuner. The holes on my Epis didn't line up so I needed to drill 12 holes. No biggie. The existing hole did not get completely covered. About 75% was covered and you have to have the guitar at the right angle to see. No one will notice while you are playing, that is for sure. They do require a 10mm hole.


I did get a set of GFS tuners like the Grovers Green Keystones, about half the price. They dropped right in on a G-400. They are the Kluson style and I needed to get a set of larger bushing, $6, which they also sell. These lined up perfectly with existing holes on the back of the headstock. Now this was a newer guitar, so no guarantees that will be the case with yours.

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