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10 amps in 10 minutes. epi valve jnr!

Stevie Nazarenie

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the vox and the egnater were fairly ok...but the guitar and recording didn't help...

I was thinking all the way through it..

I build vjs.. and so far something is wrong.. as much as I like them mine still should be kicking the butt of everything

he's playing.

then he got to the vj.. and it's better than that recording even stock.

Honestly, I can do everything but the overtly metally sounds with my modded vj and I think that he rushed through these so fast

he didn't really represent them very well.

Plus whatever pups he has in that jackson weren't doing anyone any great service.. though it could be something else.

too many sounds seemed to me like he had a couple old socks over his mic.

I liked the idea though.. just wish it was done better.

A modded vj really kicks butt for a recording like this if done just half well.. and again even a stock vj or vox should have

rocked out, probably the orange, too, though I've not heard one.

I can see why you'd like the youtube.. neat idea.. but all the sparkle was missing.. from just about everything.

hell.. a stock vj with a decent eq in front could give you most of this!


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yeah maybe but i can hear what i needed to hear. i do alot of looking at amps on youtube. i use headphones and keep looking to get an average on the sounds i hear. this is actually the best vj i have heard here on youtube!

anyway yeah he has emg 81 (ceramic) in the bridge and 85? in the neck. i heard him say that on one of his videos. maybe is pickups are "sterile" as we hear with emgs?

i also thought his playing was ok. but then i'm oldskhool. have a look at the "haze vs night train" i think he does well in getting a good sound and walking us through them. the 10 in 10 minutes was a little quick but worked for me.


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Most of his reviews sound bad, I listened to one he did on a Vox AC4TVH and a Vox Night Train.


If I had seen that and believed that's what an AC4 sounded like I never would have bought one.


I'm glad I didn't hear him before I decided.Twocents.gif

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