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new pot & caps or new pu


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If you don't like it, caps and pots probably wont do the job.

they make what's good better, but they don't really make what's bad good.

however, it does depend on how much you don't like it.. and what you dont' like about it.



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I usually install sprague orange drops or oil in papers if I feel spendy.

I don't know what value the alley kat has stock.. was that a mini hum guitar?

I forgot!

You can pm me for the values. I'll look it up.

you want to get the right uF value, and the right volts.


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The Alleykat has a NY mini at the neck and a full size 57 Humbucker at the bridge.

I'll have to open her up this weekend and see what's in there.

I emailed stewmac and they gave me some choices.


John, Thank you for contacting us. If I'm not mistaken that has a Gretsch style wiring set-up with a master tone and volume and a volume for each pick-up, correct? If that's the case, there would normally be a 250K pot on the master tone and 500k pots in the other positions.


For the capacitors, you primarily see .020 and .050 caps for guitar pickups. The higher the value of the cap, the higher the bass output will be when it is turned full off.


If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us.

Best regards,

Steve PriceCustomer ServiceStewart-MacDonaldwww.stewmac.com

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I wrote to me, and I said:


"Gee what's up with those stew mac shipping charges and high prices?



Not to pick nits. but it's usually .022uF and .047uF.

good luck even finding a cap rated at .050.



Strictly speaking you don't see any more bass.. you see less treble.

the tone cap in a passive system is cut, not boost.

Changing the cap out varys the amount of highs you cut when you turn it down.



I would imagine epi just uses the typical humbuck value cap since they generally try to keep costs down. *I'm assuming they have two tone controls.. but it would be the same if they have only one. I'd have to look at an alley kat*

If it were my guitar there is no way I'd accept that without investigating.

I'd do that by buying some cheapo radio shack capacitors in values one step above and below what the mini hum already has in it..

and seeing which I liked the best.

And by the way, it's not imperitive that you have the cap rated for the 57 especially.. your ears will tell you more than any 'normal' will.


You will also definately want a treble bleed cap on your master tone control, I would think.

After all, if you set your tone with the other pots, you don't want the master volume to work as both a tone control and a volume control, forcing you to turn up treble every time you turn down the master volume.



If you have any questions or comments keep coming to the epi forum!"






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The Alleykat has one master volume, one master tone and individual volumes for the pickups.

I don't have a cavity like the picture above.

I pulled my tone pot out of the f hole and took a picture, I haven't been able to figure out how to attach it to my post.

It had a green capacitor soldered to it.

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It'll be a typical poly cap.. like they sell at rat shack... and the tyypical humbuck value.

they have codes on them sometimes instead of the actual values..

you can google that and see for sure.


I'd still get a value one step higher and lower and see what I liked.


I like treble bleed on all volume pots.. but some people like it that the vol pot cuts treble a bit when they turn down a little..

I'd just as soon set the tone and then have the volume be volume.


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I got me some Sprague Vitamin Q caps... lovely.


If you're getting 4 new pots' date=' might want to think about doing the Jimmy Page mod (4 push pulls).


Here's an inside pic of mine:





This is pretty nice. A while back, I tried to get the Page set up on my epi. I went to several shops and asked for the mod to be done. The looked at me like I was loosing my mind. Eventually, I finally found a shop that would only change out two pots and tap the buckers. They said that the JP mod was too complicated and would create problems in the guitar. ..............BS! But, I wanted to have buckers tapped, so I went with it. Here in Houston TX, I have not been able to find a shop that would do the JP mod.

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When I turn down my tone nothing much happens untill it gets to the end of the travel.

I thought I might get more of a uniform transition.

The label on the tone cap is 2A223J which equals .o22uF 10V. (I think)

There are no caps on the volumn pots.

So far the mods I have had done are: the toggle switch changed, had the nut replaced and a new Gotoh bridge put on.

I plan on changing the tuners with some nice ones with the ivory looking knobs.

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