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new sherry owner - please advise on mods


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Hi guys,


I just ordered a Sherry BK on thomann.de so it will be with me in 3 weeks or so.

I've done a little research, here and on harmony central, and found out a little something about what modifications should be done to this guitar. So here I go:



1 - pickups


Are the stock ones useless? What pickups should I choose for a better quality, to get this baby more towards an original 335?



2 - pots


I've seen a lot of people are changing the original pots. What is the reason for that? Is it pur aesthetically or does it have some technical reasons too? Can one improve the sound of the guitar by changing the pots? If so, what pots do you recommand for me?


3 - wiring


As I found out, wiring is kind of crucial to improve the guitar's sound. But how do you change the electronics? The sherry doesn't have a back plate or anything, so it seems at least difficult to change the electronics.


4 - As for the bridge, I think I will go with the stock one for the moment.



How much do you reckon it will cost me (pups, pots, wiring)? Can you please recommend an online store for these items? (Note - I live in Romania)


I hope you guys will clear it out for me.

Many thanks and great to be here. I can't wait for the guitar to arrive.



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I have a very exacting list of things you need to do to a new Sherri to make it sound GREAT.

I'll take it a step at a time...........

Step 1) install a good set of "positive" strap locks on it, so in doesn't hit the floor.

Step 2) plug it in to a good amp.




Give it a REALLY good listen "as is" before you go gutting it..........mine (and lots of other peoples) sound fantastic "stock".

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The Sheraton is a nice guitar and you should be pretty happy with it standard. I'd recommend waiting before you tear into it.

I am a tinkerer, though, and my Epis always gets new pots and wiring first. The pots in Epis and the wiring can be (but not always) the source of muddiness. If you find the sound muddy, the pots are more likely the culprit than the pickups.

On a Shetaton, however, everything has to come out through the pickup openings. Not a fun job and best left to a tech unless you know what you're doing.

So I'd say play it for a while before you do anything. If the guitar sounds good, leave it and save your money for a good amp or some accessories.

Enjoy that guitar! It will probably surprise you.



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I've had one for 17 years.

I couldn't live with it's stock humbuckers. But I did.. for quite a long time.

I wound up with humbuck size p90s. so obviously my taste strays off the path a bit.



I've done a lot of mods to mine over the years.


They are fairly hard to work on as to pots.. having to thread everything through the f holes carefully.



But, I don't believe epi has upgraded the wiring, though the pickups are better now.


CTS pots and sprague orange drop caps are what I have in mine.

I had to enlarge the holes a bit, not very hard to do.

I upgraded the switch as well.

And installed treble bleed caps on the volume controls.


Now.. if I were you.. that's what I'd be looking at. The rest should be fine, your taste in pickups will decide there.


But. first I'd replace the plastic nut with a Graph Tech epiphone sized nut in Tusq.. you'll hear the difference for sure.


and a good set of straplocks... these are fairly heavy guitars and don't like to hit the floor! I like dual design dunlops.



Then I'd just play it for quite a while.. see how the switch holds up.. decided on how the controls are for you..



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tnx guys,


I can't wait for my baby to come.

I also own an american standard strat from 88. It is the reason why I'm getting the sherry:)) Yes... it is a fine fine guitar with a great sound, but odd.. Some told me it is the finest sounding strat they heard in a long while. But I really need something else too. I've been having a lot of headaches getting the sound I want from the strat. It's great for blues but I wanted something else from the beginning.


Note-> a while ago i gave a playing to the Gretsch 5120 (I'm craving for a semi hollow for some time). OMG. You can't get much crappier than that. Cheap bindings, cheap wood, crappy sounding, fizzy, no definition. Tried with some pedals, couldn't get a decent tone out of it. The guitar looks awesome and I was really into it but just could't lie myself over the facts. Thinking it is a direct competition to the sherry and it's even more expensive, i honestly don't think it stands a chance.

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Well Matei, give it some time first! don't get into that ''I have to mod it anyways'' hype, the reason for buying an Epiphone is that they are great guitars stock (at least the middle priced and upwards) and they are used, as they are, from a lots of professionals (especially in the not-so-wealthy Balkans my friend!).


After you have owned / played a while, you will be more certain on the modifications it needs, if any...


As per the site question, you will find a lot of things at Thomann's. most probably more than you will need to replace and with prices that are certainly not worst than Romanian's music stores.


But if you need more, here they are: www.stewmac.com


I just found out this site (recommended only yesterday to me by a New Zealand crew member in here) and was truly amazed to the huge catalog! Thinking of establishing a small workshop somewhere at home, if I could only find the space...[drool]


Good luck mate!

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Why think about modifying it before you have even tried it. I don't know about newer Sherry's mine is ten years old and is just fine the way it is. My only mods were to remove the pick guard (don't like them) and replace the broken tip on the pickup selector.


I agree with Bender 4 Life — plug it into a good amp. The rest is up to you to make it sound good.

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