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I had an EPI pickup die on me (internal problem, not repairable),

so I used it as a "test platform" for removing chrome cover -

eventually totally disassembled it to get good look at construction.

I tried the soldering Iron at max output (35W), no go. I could see

the heat creeping from the solder joint onto the base plate and spreading

outward, and could see the wax inside starting to "boil" with NO sign

that the solder joint was softening. I assume at the factory they use

rather large tip soldering irons. It was like trying to melt IRON.

So, I switched to Dremel Tool with cutting wheel, and ZIP, just cut thru

the solder joint like butter, then removed cover. Ground rest of solder off

with dremel grinding stone. The standard "Home use" soldering iron doesn't

seem to work....

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