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Some pics of my Epi's! (new guy)


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Thanks for the replys guys! Glad you like my SG



Cool SG in first pic.


How did you get it to look like that?


This was the first Epi I ever got actually. I bought it cheap from a guy in the north of sweden' date=' and he shipped it to me. The pictures in his ad lied a bit, cause when I got it you could easily see that the paintjob it had then had been done by an amateur. He had painted it all black with some shitty paint that peeled of, and it looked horrible IRL. So I scraped the guitar with a blunt knife. (yes scraped, you could remove a lot of the old paint with your thumb nail) I figured that the guitars finish was ****ed from the beginning, so I didn't care if it got scratches. I'm also a big fan of Pepper Keenan's worn SG-shaped guitars.


As you can see in the pic, the sanding the previous owner did prior to painting it isn't exactly a pro job either. The original red colour is still left on the bevels, and back of the neck. The front of it had been sanded down to the wood.


If you look close you can see that I've goofed around with a sharpie pen, and drawn small druggy motives on it[biggrin']


It sounds killer though, and plays better than any of my guitars. It's got a rare neckjoint that's bigger than the rest of the epi sg's, like most Gibby's have, so it is in perfect balance, whichI feared it wouldn't be before I had tried it out[biggrin]


I got lucky there[cool]

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där var jag dum nog att inte inse att du redan hade skrivit det.


bra jobb på gitaren




Ahaa' date=' du var svensk asså? Det stog ju U.K. på din profilinfo, så jag bara antog att du var engelsman[biggrin']


Thanks and tack

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