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Frankenstein Mod Input please!


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So I got this V2 that I mentioned I'm gonna do the octal on but am gonna have to wait to get the new OT for it ($$$) - but as soon as I opened it to check the version I got the fever again bad - kept me up all night wondering what I still had around that I could get going with till I can get the rest of the parts.


Here's what I've come up with kinda Frankenstein style but leaning towards Marshally selections and I'd love it if ya'll could offer insight or input on best usage of what I got if maybe I got he right thing in the wrong place or better use of a couple of options...


R1 1M

R2 10K

R4 1K Carbon Comp in series stock 100K for Mojo

R6 & R7 100K

R8 1.5K

R9 1K

R10 & R14 Stock until I get the octal going

R15 10K


C1 .022uf Mallory

C2 .01uf Mallory

C3 Stock, 4.7uf or 10uf ???

C4 3.3uf

C5 47uf/35v or 2200/50v in a big squeeze ????

C11 .1 Mallory


Probably will put C3 on a switch and was wondering if the 3.3uf in C4 is best where it's at or possibly better on C3 using one of the other values in C4.


Also wondering if there is any reason why I might want to switch C1 and C2 with the given values


And I've got this big *ss 220 ohm (2-5 watt maybe) Carbon Comp that I got from who knows where that I'd like to use cause it looks so cool but from what I read I don't think there's any real good use for it here right?

Photo 190.jpg


I've put question marks in the particular spots where I'd love some input but if somethings shouting out for a tweak with the materials at hand please post asap cause I'll be warming up the soldering iron as soon as the next pot of coffee is ready - thanks for any input !


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Thinking about that C3... hadn't stopped to play this amp yet till this morning and it sounds much better stock than the last ones I bought new - maybe the many hours of playing I know it has on it from the previous owner....much tighter bottom with both my HB's a single coils...might leave that stock for now and just do the 3.3uf...any reason not if it sounds good as is?


And wondering since all I have for C5 is either the 47uf or 2200uf which is the better option - or if it's worth bothering with.....???

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Great - that sounds like this is a good place to start... I've decided that what I'm going to do for now is get the Mallory's in there and then maybe sit tight on the rest till I can get the OT before doing further tweaking. That'll give me a chance to play with this one as it seems to sound so much better than the others did stock.


Here's where ya'll could maybe help me before I get further into this though - what I like about this amp as it is right now is a kind of Petty/Campbell clean crunch on the edge of breaking with decent headroom with right up till about 12 o'clock - but what I'm missing is the smoother touch responsiveness of my marshall mod and then the break up as I get past 12 isn't as smooth.


I'm wondering is this dif more because of the 1M in R1 and the R6/7 100K's changing the gain stages affecting that responsiveness, maybe the higher value C5 cap changing the character of the gain, or is it R8/9 that create that smoother break up....


Right now I'm inclined to think it's the C5 as that was the one thing in my Voxy Mod that I never got to and the break up on that amp while very fat and cool in it's own way was not as smooth as the Marshall mod.... but I don't know! : )


As always thanks for any and all input - it's fun to have the fever again!

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C2 at .01uF and R5 at 220k creates an rf filter with a -3db bottom end frequency rolloff starting at around 72Hz or so. Great if you need to keep a flub-prone speaker like the Emminence from farting out on you.




Wow Gil - we've got some bad power at this old place we live in and had noticed right away that when I put the Mallory's in the little amp had a much quieter noise floor (almost silent) but I was missing a bit of the girth it had and threw the stock .022uf back in there.... and hello 60 cycle hum - maybe the new tranny will fill out the bottom and I can get that .01uf back in there...

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Posted over on sewatt and got R9 and R8 tweaked to 1K and 1.5K and have kept the girth and headroom of the amp but have that touch sensitivity I was after - and it sounds good with both the singles and humbers so I'm a happy camper - can't wait to turn it up tomorrow!

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With all due respect you have a ground problem! That cap swap should not produce hum IMHO.



Hey Layboomo - I think that might have been the combination of which lights were on in the apt or something... as I mentioned the power can be funky in here but the amp seems to be fine after this last round...

We'll see how it is tomorrow....


Happy New Years to ya'll while I'm at it - and thanks for all the good info I always get here!

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