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Sheraton Mod results photos


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Thanks to all that helped with advice here (Joe, Twang, Brian and others).


Hope the link works.




Sorry if the photos are not as good as they could be. I wish I could let you hear it, it's sooo good!


Hope my grasp of photobucket is right? If so, I'll post better pics later PLUS I'll keep you updated with the VS Unsung P90 mods over the coming weeks.


I'm nervous about how the Kent Armstrong P90's will sound. Please reassure me someone!!!!



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Noijj you have your photobucket account great.


For each of your photos you will see four optional links choose "Direct Link" copy and paste between the img tags it will work like a dream




just copy and paste all the "IMG Code" straight into your post.....


come on...... under "share this image" you are offered the following options for each photograph (the ones marked in bold here will do the job for you)


Email & IM

Direct Link (copy this and paste between the img tags you create in your post when you click on image.gif)


IMG Code (this maybe easier just copy and paste all the link including img tags straight into your post)

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Thanks for helping with the photos fellas.


By the way, my name is Nigel. Noijj is just how it sounds with a Birmingham accent (West Midlands, not Alabama!!).


Context is this.


Changed every part there is on it!


Chrome bridge and tailpiece (a better bridge now on it today - the action is better now)

Grover Imperial tuners

Chrome strap buttons

Switchcraft jack and toggle switch

Alpha 500k pots and sprauge orange drops caps

Kent Armstrong 12 pole PAF in the bridge and and Kent Armstrong Kentron filtertron in the neck (not a GFS Dream 180).

Cream toggle botton and PUP surrounds.

Cream/Chrome top hat vol/tone knobs


The tone is great. Kind of Gretsch-y on the neck but with a really good note separation for open chord jangle. Bridge is bright but warm, great for picking. Middle is very rich and full. Lots of output. Through my Twin or AC30 it's very 60's West Coast/Beatles, But is will do Blues and Country styles too very well.


I can really recommend this pickup configuration.


I'm stoked with the results, thanks for your feedback. I won't be changing out all the wiring on my other one in a hurry though. Major fiddly job!!


The VS is the picture is undergoing mods too. Just awaiting soapbar style P90's to come into stock. Couple of weeks.

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Is that a cheap swipe at a left hander?! I couldn't find these knobs left handed! Not an issue though. When I look down and they are turned up full I can see '10', which is enough for me. If I roll off, I see lower numbers.

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Very nice Nigel! I'm with you on the upgrades. My Sherri has been upgraded from tuners, nut, bridge, tailpiece, pups, pots, etc. and I'm completely satisfied with the results. Don't let 'em razz you about the "wrong side". I get the same type of guff when playing golf, but when others comment about standing on the wrong side of the ball, I always point out that I'm on the right side of the ball...(playing left handed).

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