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...like those found on the Gibson Firebirds? How much do you suppose a set of these would cost? I looked all over the place at Gibson, but couldn't find pegs, let alone what they would cost. Hmm, perhaps there's an aftermarket alternative? Also, and this has nothing to do with an electric, but I'll include it anyway, does anyone out there make sealed tuners for a mandolin, apart from buying 2 sets of mini Grovers? They would work, but I'd have 4 spares I don't need. I want to "trick out" my mandolin too.

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I've been looking at suitable banjo tuners for years. I have a Firebird project ready to go, but it needs banjotuners. Preferably with guitar-ratio of 14:1.

Found sets for 20 bucks but they required 12 mm holes(like the original). Didn't fancy that.

Looked at Schaller, 100+ bucks for a set of 4. So I need to buy 3 sets at 300+ to make one set and have a remote chance to dispose of the other. Not gonna happen.

Contemplated buying an Epi Firebird studio and stripping the Steinberger tuners. But reviews of these are a bit..hohum.

So I just abide my time for the proper alignments of the planets and a bit of luck.

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Here's a real "bargain" for you:




But if you don't want that "vintage sound" [thumbup] ' date=' I've seen newer banjo tuners on eBay from time to time.


Do you want them for the Bomber?




Nope, not for 'ol Blue, for a pieces/parts guitar with a lefty neck on it I'm thinkin' would look different with a set of banjo tuners on it.

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