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What Pup is this?


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Forgive my ignorance' date=' is that what this pup is?


Trying to figure out some sort of value/collectable...is it worthwhile axe?[/quote']


It looks like a DeArmond foil type pickup to me, but I'm not super familiar with that style. I know DeArmond pickups were used on a lot of the old Kay and Harmony guitars.


It looks like a sweet axe to me. No idea on the value though, sorry. Harmony guitars have been reissued, so there is market interest. I'm sure an original Kay or Harmony has some value.

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Yeah' date=' looks like what I had on my first electric from Harmony.


Ditto, although my gold foil DeArmionds weren't exactly the same .... those look like the moustache pups ... mine looked like this .... this is not my old guitar, but I had the same model/finish....man I miss that thing - wish I'd held onto it, as, in retrospect, it was better guitar than I gave it credit for....and was made in the USA back in '68 or so.



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