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Just got an LP


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I've been watching Craigslist for months, waiting for a "deal" to pop up on a used LP. Well, one showed up today. An LP with HSC. It was made in the Samick plant, September, 1993, #2283.


I bought it for $160.00!

A couple minor dings on the edge of the headstock, some very minor buckle rash, and a couple scratchy pots that a little Radio Shack pot cleaner will take care of.


Color's a burst reddish, which I guess is a flame maple (?). I'm not real sure of the model but it appears to be a Standard Plus but could be a Custom because of the finish and the inlays, which I think are block rather than trapezoids. I'll get a pic up when I get my camera back from my son. Haven't brought it into the house yet cuz "she who must be obeyed" seems to think I have enough guitars as it is. Gotta soften her up with candles, soft music and dinner out[biggrin]


Regardless, for a buck sixty I can put new pots in it for small dollars.

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Congrats on the new axe on a great price man!


And explain to the missus (as we all do...) that it was a great bargain. Believe you me, women appreciate the meaning of a good bargain, more than we do. As I read somewhere:


''Man buy for 2 dollars something they need, though it worths only 1 dollar. Women buy for 1 dollar, something that worths 2 dollars, but they don't really need!''[biggrin]

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