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whats the differance with casino's


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This probably gets asked all the time, but I was just looking on E-bay and there a Perless Casino for sale, also I ve seen matsumoto (I think thats how its spelt?). I know the old vintage ones where made in kalamazoo and new ones in korea but what about all the others?

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Peerless is Korea. I have one from Saein, VERY NICE !


There are some that come form China (Qingdao) mfc. too. Some believe Casino's and LP's from Korea are the best build wise ( vs. China) but that could be subjective.



Tak Matsumoto I believe is from Japan ( well he is for sure)

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It's confusing, but Tak Matsumoto is a Gibson/Epiphone endorser, who had a Gibby LP, Epi LP Elitist and now a Japanese market (only) Doublecut with his name on it: http://www.epiphone.com/news.asp?NewsID=1731


Matsumoku is the name of a now-defunct guitar manufacturing company (owned by Singer) that used to make Aria and Epiphone guitars in Nagoya Japan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matsumoku


It's further complicated by Matsumoto, a town in Japan's Nagano Prefecture where FujiGen Gakki, Gotoh, and other musical instrument companies have manufacturing plants.

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I think you mean Matsumoku' date=' they made Epiphones before the Chinese or Koreans. Some say the '81-'85 (ish) semis are almost as good as the Gibson made models.[/quote']


I`d go along with that, I`ve owned three Matsumoku Casino`s as well as a 1984 Blonde Sheraton (That looked beautiful). Playing wise I found them to be better than the originals. Tonewise not quite as deep & complex, but good enough, plus in my experience the Matsumoku Casino`s don`t feedback as easily as the originals or Lennon reissues.


Lennon Reissue (Centre) flanked by two Matsumoku`s.





P.S. here`s a thread about comparing the Lennon 65 reissue to an 83 Matsumoku.


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So basically thers not much differance in the newer casino's people selling them are just trying to get a bit more buy saying a peerless casino is better than others? I know you all like pic's so here's my casino (without strings).dsc00705u.jpg

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Ya, it's an '05 I love it, I changed the machine heads due to a slight accident when I first got it, and the truss cover, but other than that it's stock. I think people give them to much stick for being inferior to the the standard but it kicks ***, I did have a seymour duncan APH2 in the bridge but I took it out cause I thought the stock pup sounded better! I got the SG and the Casino cause I'm a bit of a Weller fan!

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If I remember it came from All parts was a few years ago now back in 07 I originally fitted it my self which was a bad move I have just recently paid a Luthier to fix it properly.

No great tunin problems played it for the the full 2nd half of a gig last Fri only had to tweek it once.

That my old Korean Casino btw this is my cureent Japanese 1991 job


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Lovely guitars Must have missed you getting rid of the natural one ???? Why

Any pics of the red one I after a red one sometime in the future prob after the IB 64 Texan




Hi Mark.


At the time I had two Matsumoku`s and the Lennon' date=' and truth be told the Lennon wasn`t getting played enough, so it was a case of sell the Lennon, or sell the others. The Lennon does sound better, but the Matsumoku`s have such player friendly necks, anyway the Red ones back now, so I`ve got the best of both worlds again!


Wine Red 1983 Matsumoku Casino.


This shot shows the Red better.



Oh and here`s both Casino`s with my rather nice IB64 Texan.



Incidently, if you are after the IB Texan, they are all pretty good, but some are definitely better than others, so try a few.

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