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I'm pretty sure this will be my next purchase.


I have the cash to get one now but then I'd have very little cash until my next paycheck and I have some Christmas shopping to do so it will have to wait. But yeah I'm getting one... Sooo sweet. May the penny pinching begin...


Here's a video I just found. It's a pretty good demo but it doesn't scratch the surface of what this pedal can do.




Most of you guys probably won't like it. I think it's the cat's pajamas.

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[thumbup] Thanks Dub; I haven't heard of Lightfoot Lab.....interesting pedal, Seven tweaking knobs, very nice. I'd like to see the ability to vary the speed via a foot pedal......


( Where's your Avitar Dub ? )...


Not to hijack the thread, but the Fulltone Mini-Deja-Vibe has a footpedal.

Looks like a great pedal Dub.

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Yeah tap tempo is cool because you can set the tempo perfectly without having to stop playing to fiddle with knobs.


It's about $340 [scared]




Here's where I'll probably order it. They have some sound clips at the bottom. Even "Planet Telex" by Radiohead. There's a link to the lightfoot labs page at the bottom too.



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