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Let's see your Masterbilt !!!

The G

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Just picked up an AJ 500M VS at a "Boxing Week" sale for an incredible price ,and I 'm absolutely smitten with the quality and sound for what I paid !

Would love to see some photos and comments from forum members who own an Epiphone Masterbilt.




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Having issues trying to downsize the pics I took ,so this isn't my actual guitar ,but a very close approximation.


I've got a DR-500P, all maple body with sitka spruce top. Very well made, plays like a dream, big bright and loud. Fills a sonic niche I enjoy at times. A tad on the heavy side, but a keeper for sure.


Looks like this

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Here's a pic of my EF-500R.

I've had it a few months now and love it.

It the perfect size, and it sounds great whether fingerpicking or strumming.

It really is an awesome guitar, and to play.

I got the next to last one from AMS, and right now I think everyone is out of stock on these.

I can understand why. It's an awesome value.


Len in NC





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