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I've been culling guitars lately. I just reached the saturation point and the camel's back broke so to speak. I've dumped 3 or 4 Ovations, a Hofner, and I have a few more on ebay right now and probably more will go away in the weeks and months to come. I just got sick of hoarding guitars and want to thin the herd to the ones that I either play on a regular basis or have a strong sentimental tie (if they aren't regular players).


However one I've wanted to pick up is a Garrison. Yeah, maybe it's just GAS and I don't need to explain or justify my actions to YOU guys.


So a Garrison showed up on ebay. I did a little research and apparently it was sold on ebay quite cheaply, just under $200. The buyer either had buyer's remorse or didn't know what a truss rod was for, as he returned it. It went back on ebay with the caveat that the neck was bowed and would need to be fixed and there were NO returns under any circumstances. Fair enough. I'll roll the dice, as I have a store display Garrison skeleton hanging on my living room wall with a brand new flawless neck. If the neck on the ebay guitar was trashed, I had a backup plan.


So I got it for $100. It came in a beat to crap Washburn HSC which I may be able to fix up if I can buy new latches (I'm sure I can). THere was some case candy, a brand new strap, string winder, Fender electronic tuner, etc.


Cosmetically it has a handful of little pick dings on the top, otherwise it's mint. It has a little too much relief in the neck, which I will address once it acclimates to my house. The fret ends are sharp but it came fresh from Arizona and it could be just a humidity thing. I'll dress and polish them anyway just because I'm me. The neck set is steep and the saddle is tall so if anything I will have a hard time raising the action high enough once the relief is correct.


It's a plain jane cookie-cutter Martin/Taylor dreadnaught but the bookmatched birch is to frickin' die for. My first impression of the tone is that it's deep and transparent with lots of sustain. Not a Gibson "thump" like my Seagull but more of a piano tone. This one is fairly early, a 2001 model. I think the company started in 1999 but I don't know when production started or how many they made in the early years. It's a G30-HG (high gloss) which apparently was optional.


A half dozen guitars leave, one comes in. Easy to keep the house neat and uncluttered that way!





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That is a very good buy!! ksdaddy can't beat that price for a solid wood guitar the birch is beautiful!

Maybe if you get a minute when you get it set up it would be interesting to hear what you think of the active bracing

and if you think it makes a difference..?

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